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Pathways to Academic Success was founded for the primary purpose of helping students achieve academic success. Pathways has a dedicated staff who focuses on enhancing student academics through the following:

1) College Tours
2) College Entrance Exam Courses (SAT/PSAT/ACT)
3) College Fairs
4) Parent Seminars.

College Tours are typically taken during the student Spring Break week and consists of visiting 9 - 12 colleges and universities around the country. Additionally, Pathways will schedule, coordinate, and administer college tours for organizations, according to their desires and needs. These college tours open up students' eyes to the importance of taking care of business while in high school. Many students return from the tour with an enhanced sense of dedication to study habits, academic preparation, and resulting grades. Additionally, a large portion of the students who go on the tour end up attending college at one of the schools visited during the tour.

College entrance exam preparation (SAT, PSAT, and ACT) is a key component to the mission of Pathways. During the courses that Pathways provides, a major emphasis is for students to master the fundamentals (in particular, reading, writing, and math). The courses provide strategies on the particular test; however, those strategies are built on top of the foundations of the subject covered. This approach has resulted in many students realizing significant improvement in their college entrance exam scores. Many students who have gone through the Pathways programs have attended (or are currently attending) colleges or universities on partial or full scholarships.

Pathways is extremely excited and proud of the impact that has occurred on students and families. The more successful a student is, the greater the positive results are on the entire family. If you have any questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us.